New Business Alert: Grand Biltong Boutique In Senderwood

Spilio Savvas and Albina Tchoubrikova outside Grand Biltong at Neighbourhood Square in Linksfield.

Grand Biltong Boutique, based in the Neighbourhood Square, serves a range of fresh biltong made in-house.

This family-owned business is managed by Spilio Savvas and Albina Tchoubrikova. They provide customers with top quality dried-meat with a special spicy twist from the self-service spice dispenser.

Grand Biltong store at the Neighbourhood Square in Linksfield.

‘We specialise in fresh, flavoured in-house made biltong. New to our addition is the lemon and herb chicken biltong. We also now offer a succulent trimmed, yellow fat biltong, made with our famous original recipe spice mix and the highest quality meat. The wetness and fat content is subject to availability,’ said Tchoubrikova.

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