Restaurant Spotlight: Polpetta At The Neighbourhood Square

Polpetta management at the new restaurant in the Neighbourhood Square.

Polpetta serves great authentic Italian cuisine sautéed with amazing hospitality. The restaurant offers no fuss, good quality and value for money Italian comfort food.

Polpetta was founded in 2008 by Roberto Leo and Ivano Franceschi. Franceschi said, ‘After working for a number of years at the well-known Luca’s, Leo and I decided it was time to open our own restaurant and so Polpetta was born in Morningside Sandton and now has a new branch in the Neighbourhood Square. The restaurant has over the years become a home away from home for many and is a place where everybody knows your name.’

Polpetta At The Neighbourhood Square 4

Leo passed away in 2015, leaving Franceschi to take the reins. The Polpetta family continues to offer the same friendly service and great value for money food that many regular friends and customers have become accustomed to.

Their pizzas are made with the finest unbleached stone ground flour. Visitors can order pasta with their choice of penne, fettuccine, linguine or spaghetti. Polpetta also serves baked pasta, meat, and desserts such as gelato. They also offer cocktails, gins, craft beer, Italian aperitifs, beer on tap and more. They have in-house made salad dressing and they deliver.