New Eatery Alert: Balkan Burger In Bedfordview

New Eatery Alert Balkan Burger In Bedfordview

Balkan Burger, which has become synonymous with markets, events, concerts and festivals, now has a new premises in Bedfordview.

Founded by siblings Lidija and Bojan Ivanovic, who have lived in Kensington and Bedfordview for most of their lives, the Serbian inspired burger joint creates accessible and world inspired food with a Balkan twist that is as good for your body as is for your taste buds. They also cater for any event and make everything from scratch daily using fresh and healthy ingredients. Authenticity guides everything they prepare while quality and service are their non-compromising obligations.

Their famous original Balkan burger consists of a unique fold-over patty with all the fillings and your choice of roasted red pepper sauce. Sir Balkan is similar to the original burger, but cheesier while Stuffedwithstuff features double cheese, bacon and peppadews. They also sell Balkan Burgers kits to make at home, featuring the same original taste and experience.

Balkan Burger is also launching a massive garden space at the back of their property this weekend on the weekend of 18-19 September. Address: 20A Bradford Road, Bedfordview. Tuesday – Sunday, 11:30 – 19:30 (times will change according to the new lockdown curfew).

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Balkan Burger
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