New Health Store Opens In Modderfontein

Sidon Health offers natural health remedies, supplements, healthy foods and drinks, natural beauty products and air purifiers. They believe that natural herbs can improve people’s health and that the human body can prevent and cure certain diseases naturally.

‘What makes us unique is our staff, who have been trained by professionals in the health care industry to ensure that we give the best possible advice to our clients,’ said Leo Chiu, who owns the store along with business partner Jadon Lin. ‘We also provide consultation services with our natural health practitioners, including Dr. Derek Johnson, who offers the following services: iridology, pulse diagnosis, live blood analysis, cupping, acupuncture, phytotherapy, dry layered oxidisation stress test, diet and nutrition and a sclerology stress test.’

‘People are living unhealthy lifestyles or have bad habits that are caused by stress. This leads to blood circulation issues like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar and hormone imbalances – these are the common issues found today. The best product is recommended to suit each individual, as everyone has different needs. We will suggest the best possible method or supplements according to their gender and race and locate the source of the issue to try and help our clients,’ added Chiu.

Product features:
– All natural and chemical-free.
– Best quality herbs.
– 100% vegan products.
– High nutritional value.
– No animal testing.

Address: Flamingo Shopping Centre, Modderfontein.

084 088 8588