Reddam House Supports Charities And Creates Mural For Mandela Day 2020

On 17 July 2020, Reddam House Bedfordview staff and students set out to create a mural dedicated to Nelson Mandela and the work he had done for our country and the world.

Reddam House Bedfordview students collected tinned food and knitted squares for this big day. 20 bags of clothes and over 1700 tinned items were brought to school by the three different campuses, and the school managed to collect hundreds of knitted squares to make blankets for their various charities.

The Social Leadership Team, led by Bregita Basterfield, designed murals that would show the children and community what can be done, despite lockdown conditions. ‘Many of us like to see a graphic/visual representation of what it means to give back in a visual way, so we thought that by creating a giant mural would really demonstrate how much we can do, even through tough times,’ said Basterfield.

Reddam, like many other schools, has been severely challenged by the lockdown, but they have risen to this challenge and been one of the few schools that has not surrendered one teaching day. With this school culture and ethos, they also rose to fulfil their credo, ‘We shall give back’ to a suffering community. Despite everyone directly affected by this new normal, parents and students gave back on this special day.

Reddam’s programme is to give back to their surrounding community and includes:

Nazareth House.
Beacon of hope.
Eden Angels.
Christian Family Church Pantry.

Reddam House also spends time supporting Elandsvallei Old Age home by providing entertainment and donations and Eastgate Primary School, where they provide extra lessons. With both organisations, Reddam believes in nurturing sustainable relationships. Unfortunately, due to lockdown they have had to pause these visits, but will continue to donate in other passive ways.

For more information on Reddam’s initiatives or the school itself, please contact Bregita:

+27 (0) 11 615 6710