SBBU 24 Hour Running Event To Raise Funds For Children Living With Cancer

SBBU 24 Hour Running Event To Raise Funds For Children Living With Cancer

Now in its third year, and having already raised R450,000 for CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation South Africa in 2022 and 2023, the Spartan Baby Badass Ultra (SBBU) is growing from strength to strength as more and more people look to push themselves beyond their self-imposed limitations.

The upcoming 24 hour running event involves challengers pitting themselves against themselves in order to run 100 kilometres or 100 miles, self supported, while also raising funds for CHOC’s needy beneficiaries: children living with cancer and their families.


Some Challengers take on the SBBU as part of their Comrades training plan, others instead of Comrades, some for the camaraderie and others just because they have Spartan hearts and the grit that’s needed to overcome physical and mental exhaustion.

These amazing men and women will be taking part in the SBBU challenge at the end of April and will need your support along the way. Come down to the Italian Club and cheer on these Spartan Warriors (while snacking on pizza) as they do what most of us consider to be crazy. Perhaps you too will be inspired to join in 2025.

Date: Saturday 27 to Sunday 28 April 2024.
Venue: Italian Club, Marais Road, Bedfordview.
Time: 10h00 onwards.

If you would like to donate to this worthy cause, click here. Read more about the SBBU Spartan Baby Badass Ultra founded by two Bedfordview locals here.