Smooth Brew Café Offering Healthy And Balanced Meals

Smooth Brew Café Offering Healthy And Balanced Meals

Bedfordview-based Smooth Brew Café was founded by Tash Arnoldi, a qualified nutritional food coach who saw the need for a meal prep solution that helps people create a lifestyle change that can be maintained rather than just a diet.

Smooth Brew offers healthy and wholesome breakfasts, lunches, smoothies and coffees for sit down or take away – all accompanied by great service and atmosphere.

In addition to the café, Smooth Brew also has a meal prep solution that allows customers to maintain a healthy lifestyle without having to sacrifice too much of their spare time to be in the kitchen. The Smooth Brew meals are prepared fresh and freeze well, so they just need to be defrosted, warmed and enjoyed. All meals have a vegetarian option available and further customisations are available on request.

Smooth Brew’s philosophy is to maintain a healthy and balanced relationship with all food, and they know that sometimes people just need a little something sweet, which is why they also offers delicious cakes made to order. ‘Baked by Smooth Brew’ uses only the finest and freshest ingredients in their cakes, which makes satisfying that sweet tooth so much better.

‘I am extremely passionate about what I do at Smooth Brew. Not only do I get to develop menus and meal plans that keep my clients coming back for more, I also get to educate and help people with their daily food struggles, fitness and overall health,’ said Arnoldi. ‘So many people come to me about diets that have not worked, but that is because a ‘one-size-fits-all approach’ does not apply to nutrition. Nutrition plays a vital role in a healthy lifestyle so educating clients on how to adjust their food and nutrition to best fit their specific condition and/or lifestyle is what will help them succeed at their health and fitness goals. That is what makes Smooth Brew different. The road to health isn’t always an easy journey, but helping my clients through that journey is what I love.’

You can grab a delicious meal from Smooth Brew Café at Sunview Shopping Centre, 7 North Reef Rd, Bedfordview.

076 202 2672