ACDC Dynamics Empowers Businesses To Thrive During Loadshedding

ACDC Dynamics Empowers Businesses To Thrive During Loadshedding
Themba Robin, Leanda Otto of Creative Kidz and Hykie Berg

ACDC Dynamics wants to empower businesses in need by providing them with solar and backup power solutions, to ensure that these businesses can go on to be successful, return to profitability and ultimately serve the communities in which they operate.

To fulfil this aim, ACDC Dynamics has launched the Power Partner initiative to uplift small to medium enterprises that are being severely impacted by loadshedding. As such, ACDC Dynamics will select deserving businesses and contribute towards their power infrastructure.

Loadshedding has had a profound impact on businesses, with many losing valuable time in productivity, while struggling to keep their doors open. ACDC Dynamics has launched the Power Partner initiative because the company cares about the success of South African businesses, especially small to medium businesses, and cares about building the South African economy.

So far, ACDC Dynamics has assisted the following organisations:

Creative Kidz: ACDC Dynamics has sponsored solar systems for their Pretoria and Alberton campuses. Creative Kidz provide a unique opportunity for children with learning barriers to attend an affordable private remedial school where the focus is on quality remedial education that employs a multi-sensory approach to teaching.

Gracious Bakers: ACDC Dynamics is sponsoring a cash component to their solutions and helping them with financial terms to assist in paying for this system they need to operate during loadshedding. Gracious Bakers are a young, innovative and female-owned food company that specialises in health products that are gluten free, sugar free, low carb, banting, Keto friendly and vegetarian.

Matrics in Antarctica: ACDC Dynamics will be educating them about sustainability and will be installing solar solutions in the most remote place, helping to preserve our beautiful planet. Matrics in Antarctica was created to help inspire young South Africans, matric students specifically, to think about sustainability and how they can make a difference to the environment in their communities.

ACDC Dynamics has collaborated with well-known local personalities to educate audiences about the Power Partner initiative and ACDC’s expertise and extensive offerings. Actor and motivational speaker, Hykie Berg, and media personality and comedian, Themba Robin, have partnered with ACDC Dynamics on this campaign because they recognise ACDC Dynamics’ authenticity as a brand. They also recognise that ACDC Dynamics has a strong brand purpose of giving back and helping to grow the economy and small businesses, and that this campaign sees the company putting this purpose into action.

ACDC Dynamics has established itself as a specialist in solar energy, offering cutting-edge solar solutions to meet the growing demand for sustainable power sources. By harnessing the power of the sun, ACDC Dynamics empowers individuals and businesses to embrace renewable energy. With its expertise in the field and a comprehensive range of electrical and electronic products, ACDC Dynamics strives to put the power into the hands of every South African.

‘ACDC Dynamics is your Power Partner when it comes to anything electrical, especially solar. No matter the project or business, whether big or small, we can assist. We have been in the electrical field for over 40 years and we have been involved in the solar field since 2015. Our expertise, knowledge, experience and variety of products have helped to position us as the leaders within the electric and electronics space. One of our business values is to provide maximum convenience for our valued customers. As such, we have created an environment where a client can get anything they need under one roof. We can provide them with comprehensive service throughout a project, as well as aftercare service,’ said Colette Harwood, Marketing Manager, ACDC Dynamics.

‘We invite businesses in need of advice or solutions to get in touch with us and we look forward to partnering with them and supporting them to thrive in these difficult economic circumstances,’ added Harwood. ‘ACDC Dynamics can tailor-make solutions for all business’s needs and budgets, and we offer finance solutions to assist companies with payment options.’

Businesses who would like to be part of the Power Partner initiative can email, explaining why they need solar and backup power solutions.

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