ActionSA Focusing On Youth And Business In Bedfordview

ActionSA Focusing On Youth And Business In Bedfordview

Pedro Fernandes has been nominated as the ActionSA candidate ward councillor for Bedfordview. The party’s plans for the area include: weekly engagements with the public and Bedfordview associations and more, and they are focused on youth and business, recovery and growth as well as community engagement and empowerment.

‘As a business owner, a legal advocate and a young adult, I understand that decisive leadership is required to provide a supportive environment to allow fertile economic and social growth for Bedfordview,’ said Fernandes. ‘I know the value of strong and decisive leadership and I believe that the necessary support systems need to be urgently developed in order to allow our businesses and residents to work together in creating a thriving community – where all voices are heard. It is critical that we listen to the voice of our community if we are going to build the solid foundation necessary to thrive.’

‘It is trite to imagine that Bedfordview would benefit from any real social change from the efforts of only one person, regardless of how inspired they may be. I believe that it is through the concerted effort of multiple people, on multiple levels – that true change will be realised.’

Fernandes has outlined community engagement and empowerment initiatives in the area, including:

1. Weekly engagements with the public and Bedfordview associations.
2. A community driven website providing a platform for initiatives and volunteers.
3. The inclusion of all community demographics.
4. Putting in place structures to ensure professional and efficient service delivery.

Focus on youth and business:
1. Register to vote drives.
2. Regular engagement with our youth and business start-ups.
3. Supporting local business through regular workshops and easily accessible platforms for assistance.
4. The creation of a virtual labour desk to assist businesses and employees experiencing difficulties. This is a WhatsApp number that people can send a message to: 061 584 2821.

Recovery and growth:
1. The inclusion of vulnerable groups as functional members of the community, as opposed to relying on the community (i.e. the conversion of dilapidated and abandoned homes into vocational training centres, soup kitchens and shelters).
2. Taking Bedfordview off the grid with a solid and phased plan towards the gradual inclusion of alternative electricity solutions.

The party is also arranging for Herman Mashaba (ActionSA President) to come to Bedfordview next month to engage with the community.

Pedro Fernandes 064 797 3745