An Opportunity To Write Yours Or A Loved One’s Life Story

The Your Life Chronicle platform gives people a chance to have their own or a loved one’s life story written. A life story is a gift that becomes a family legacy.

According to Sharon Leigh, writer at Your Life Chronicle, every person’s life consists of aspects that are adventurous, unique, wonderful or traumatic. ‘These are very often of interest to or can motivate and inspire others. Some of us have had experiences that have nearly destroyed us but didn’t. Maybe you’ve experienced an event that completely changed your life, but not everybody knows about it.

‘Perhaps you have experienced huge success or huge loss. Maybe you would like to share knowledge or wisdom you have gained or life lessons that you would like future generations to learn from. Possibly you have realised that you want to record your family history as a gift for the generations that come after you. Many people leave this Earth without a written legacy of their life’s journey. This is a truly wonderful gift to leave for your children, your grandchildren, and beyond,’ she stated.

Sharon Leigh acts as a ghostwriter – a person who is hired to author books, manuscripts, screenplays, speeches, articles, songs, blog posts, stories, reports, white papers, or other texts that are officially credited to another person.

Ghostwriters are used because many people have great stories waiting to be told, but they lack either the discipline, desire, time or skills to translate these stories into a book. Quite simply, although not everybody is a writer, everybody has a story worth telling.

Ghostwriting a book is a collaborative effort, so you would need to be prepared to commit a significant amount of time to the process. Your ongoing input is needed. Writing someone’s life story takes 1-2 months of focused attention, and then the fine-tuning, editing and proof-reading still need to be added to the mix.

How it works

– Sign a confidentiality agreement that will include estimated timelines and costs.
– The next step is to create an outline of your life story.
– Do an ‘interview’ for the creation of the content for your book.
Create an outline of your life story, based on a guideline provided.
– Gather audio transcriptions that will be the backbone of your book.
– Use all the content to weave the story together while ensuring that your authentic voice is maintained throughout the book.
– Include an average of one to two photos per chapter, as this brings the story to life.
– Further research is conducted.
– The book is edited to produce an initial draft.
– You read and provide feedback on the manuscript. The book can be printed with associated costs for your account.

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