Basically Bedfordview Involved In Various Community Based Initiatives

Basically Bedfordview Involved In Various Community Based Initiatives

Basically Bedfordview is focused on making the greater Bedfordview community a better and safer place in which to live. They have a few initiatives that feed into their purpose: Bedfordview Business Boost Initiative, Bedfordview Safety Forum (BSF) Initiative, together with the BSF Food Drive and the Urban Farming Initiative. 

1. Bedfordview Business Boost Initiative

The project included over R150,000 spent in designing an e-Commerce marketplace where each business could showcase itself, generate invoices, customise a ‘shop’ on the marketplace and enable posts and automated sharing to the Facebook Shop for products.

All the Business Boost initiatives are proudly sponsored by Blue Hawk Tactical and BI Protection Group on an ongoing basis, which includes monthly boosting and Client Support.

Basically Bedfordview Involved In Various Community Based Initiatives

1. Online Shopping mall (e-commerce platform for businesses to list and market their products or services).
2. Two WhatsApp groups.
3. Telegram group.
4. A Facebook Page, and a shop where products are automatically added.
5. Instagram page for Basically Bedfordview.
6. Social media boosting of the Basically Bedfordview group page.

2. BSF

The BSF was formed during 2019, at the time when xenophobic attacks were a harsh reality in South Africa. Concern was raised about the prospect of such xenophobic attacks spilling into the suburbs. A framework was set up by Leon De Bruin, and the BSF was launched. It was structured to complement and support the Bedfordview community, local government and ward councillors, as well as the Bedfordview Community Policing Forum, to help enhance the safety of the suburb from security to food supply, to medical resources and advice needed.

When Lockdown Level 5 was instituted, there was a need to evolve this concept and a call to action was raised on the Basically Bedfordview Facebook page, where a number of volunteers got involved, and support, where possible, was provided for the needs of the community.

Approximately 30 focus groups were initiated and a database of resources was created in specific areas of need. Using WhatsApp and Facebook, they were able to create various communication structures. Each structure provided support to their specific category, with access to information and resources, and each community contributed where possible.

Become a volunteer: email

3. BSF Food Drive

110,000 kg (110 tons) of food was collected through donations and purchases throughout 2020. Approximately 14,000 parcels were distributed to the value in excess of R2,800,000, which equals to approximately 399,000 meals distributed. The food drive was initiated by the Democratic Alliance (DA) in conjunction with Basically Bedfordview, the BSF, the Order of St Johns, the Bedfordview Community Policing Forum and volunteers from the wonderful community.

Basically Bedfordview Outline Community Based Initiatives
BSF 2020 Food Drive parcels.

The BSF is looking for volunteers to coordinate the collection and distribution of food, and raising donations from sponsors on an ongoing basis. If you wish to be a volunteer who has the ability and drive to deliver value and give their time for this project for the 2021 year, please contact:

4. Urban Farming Initiative

During 2020, Basically Bedfordview and the BSF established an urban farming initiative. Its purpose was to encourage urban farmers to farm organic homegrown food on a wide scale across the suburb and region.

Basically Bedfordview Outline Community Based Initiatives

The purpose of the initiative is to grow food for your own family as well as the community. FoodXchange, which is the registered business running a farming programme, has grown and donated approximately three tons of harvested food, which according to the same statistics of the BSF Food drive, created up to 10,000 meals in the past year for impoverished community members.

Community members involved in the initiative including Residents Action Group (RAG) helped collect leaves for compost, other community members donated resources and funds to help build the farming infrastructure.

Current needs for the initiative include a gazebo, a lawnmower and some other items. If you can donate, please email Jan: