Join The Donation Drive To Help Feed Families During Lockdown

The Bedfordview CPF, together with resident Marco de Oliviera, have arranged with Freedom Supermarket for the delivery of essential food, personal hygiene, cleaning and baby products directly to the Bedfordview Methodist Church. 

This comes after the extended lockdown, which is going to impact massively on those already battling to take care of and feed their families. With your help, we can ease this burden. By making a donation towards the purchase of essential items you will assist those in dire need.

Bedfordview Methodist Church food parcel collection for informal settlements.

Below is the pricing for the various options:

1. Food items : R620.00 – comprising:

1 x Flour – 5kg
1 x Mielie Meal – 12.5kg
1 x Rice – 5kg
1 x Pasta – 500g
1 x Sugar – 2kg
1 x Peanut Butter – 900g
1 x Jam – 900g
1 x Tea Bags – 100 bags
1 x Coffee  – 250mg
1 x Long life milk – 6 pk
3 x Tinned food – Bully Beef
3 x Tinned food – Pilchards
6 x Tinned vegetables
1 x Lentils – 1kg
1 x Cooking Oil  – 750ml

2. Personal Hygiene : R75.00 – comprising:

1 x Toothpaste
2 x Body Soap
1 x Toilet Paper – 10 pk
2 x Female Hygiene Products – 10 pk

3. Baby Products : R650.00 – comprising:

2 x Baby Formula – 900g
2 x Baby Cereal – 250g
12 x Purity Bottled food – 125g
1 x Disposable Nappies – Jumbo pk
2 x Wet wipes – 72 pk

4. Cleaning Products : R100.00 – comprising:

1 x Sunlight Liquid – 750ml
1 x Washing Soap – 2kg
1 x All Purpose Cleaner – 750ml
1 x Jik – 750ml

How to order:

– Select which of the above option/s you wish to donate.
– Make payment to the Bedfordview CPF (account details below)
– Send an email to with details of your order together with a copy of your proof of payment. Bedfordview CPF will facilitate the order, payment and delivery of the items.

All donations qualify for a Section 18A Tax Certificate and will be provided on request.

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