Relaunched Better Bedfordview Aims To Build A Thriving Community And Restore Public Places

Relaunched Better Bedfordview Aims To Build A Thriving Community And Restore Public Places

Better Bedfordview, which recently relaunched as an independent NPO, is focused on improving infrastructure, cleaning up the community and protecting property values. They collaborate with and lobby Council for improved service delivery.

Their mission is to:

– Build a thriving community, in which all stakeholders contribute and benefit.
– Clean up and restore roads, parks, pavements and public places to a standard the community can once again be proud of, safely use and enjoy.
– Enhance the appearance and functionality of Bedfordview, thereby maintaining and increasing the value of properties and enjoyment of the environment.
– Make Bedfordview a great place in which to live, do business, work, play, shop, go to school, exercise and socialise.

The organisation’s projects to date include cleaning up and improving sidewalks and pavements; fixing potholes; lobbying for a valuation and property rates review and petitions to Parliament and the City of Ekurhuleni.

Community members can support the organisation by signing up to make a monthly contribution. Businesses and volunteers are also welcome to participate in Better Bedfordview’s initiatives.

You can also contribute through the Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (OUTA). Bedfordview is the first suburb in Gauteng to join OUTA’s Community Action Network (CAN) digital platform. OUTA is providing an enabling platform, additional resources and negotiating strength in order to hold municipalities accountable countrywide. You can subscribe to Better Bedfordview via the CAN portal:

Alternatively, you can make a direct payment into the Better Bedfordview account:

FNB Cheque account

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