Blue Hawk Tactical Partners With Vumacam To Boost Crime Fighting Intelligence

Blue Hawk Tactical Partners With Vumacam To Boost Crime Fighting Intelligence

Blue Hawk Tactical has partnered with Vumacam to expand its CCTV, surveillance and intelligence network. Vumacam currently has over 5000 cameras deployed around the city, with an expected 600 additional cameras to be deployed within Ekurhuleni in the next 12 months and over 1850 within the City of Johannesburg, where 350 cameras will be installed in previously unmonitored areas. This will boost the ability to locate wanted vehicles of interest that have committed crimes.

From its state-of-the-art control room operating in Bruma, Blue Hawk Tactical has the capacity to monitor thousands of cameras including thermal, and optical cameras, incorporating artificial intelligence to monitor cameras for abnormal behaviour with alerts received on a Blue Screen Alert system.

In addition, through its partnership with Vumacam, BHT can monitor flagged vehicles that have been involved in crimes; scouting a client’s area, be it in a residential or business environment; deploy its Tactical Response Units along with SAPS or Metro members to intercept such vehicles; and apprehend the criminals driving them before they commit their next crime as well as locate criminals who may have committed an armed robbery.

‘Blue Hawk Tactical is committed to its partnership with Vumacam to enhance and expand the Vumacam network within Ekurhuleni as well as the City of Johannesburg, giving intelligence to enable the capture of criminals as well as monitoring specific areas for criminal activity,’ said Nic Rossouw General Manager of Blue Hawk Tactical.

On the 1st of July, an armed robbery took place in Cyrildene where a female victim allowed a suspect into her home who was pretending to be a City of Johannesburg official taking a meter reading and who had a fake card and fake uniform. She was robbed of valuables including her cellphone. Blue Hawk Tactical’s responders patrolling the area were flagged down by the victim as it was a non-client of Blue Hawk for assistance. The team gathered information on the vehicle, checked the Vumacam feed nearby and identified the number plate using License Plate Recognition (LPR) software.

The victim’s cell phone was tracked. Using Blue Hawk Tactical’s network of responders and using LPR tracking technology, Blue Hawk was able to send out an alert and the vehicle was picked up in Rosebank and stopped in Parkview, by Parkview SAPS and local responders while the same suspect was committing similar crimes in that area.

‘The victim’s phone was called and found to be in the possession of the suspect as well as an undisclosed amount of cash, and the suspect was then arrested. On further investigation, the same suspect was linked to house robbery and theft cases in Mondeor, south of Johannesburg, and Norwood. This collaboration using state-of-the-art technology allows the net on criminals to be tightened and enhances the security of our neighbourhoods,’ said Rossouw.

‘In 2021, Blue Hawk Tactical arrested over 1113 criminal and recovered over 300 vehicles using Vumacam alerts. It is also an accredited Tracker SA sub-contractor. It has recovered over 24 illegal firearms and weapons. Its 24/7 Control Room has responded to over 10,473 Whatsapp alerts from Community Groups and assisted in arranging Medical response and Fire Emergency services for a number of incidents over the same period. To add to our successful track record and the ability for residents to receive response, we have developed and launched our own Panic and Medical Response app.’

This gives a client the ability to push a panic app button or get a handsfree GPS button to receive immediate emergency services and assistance from the Blue Hawk control room. Blue Hawk Tactical services Bedfordview, Bruma, Cyrildene, Kensington, Denver and City Deep and surrounds as well as Germiston, Springs, Brakpan, Boksburg and Benoni. Its footprint spans from Johannesburg to Springs throughout Ekurhuleni. 

While its guarding client base spans the entire city of Johannesburg, the response network of BHT911 website spans nine provinces as well as coverage in Kenya.

The coverage includes response from over 2000 responders and 220 security companies operating as sub-contractors, so if a client is in Sandton and someone is following them, they can push the panic button and will be called within 30 seconds. The response vehicle closest to them will respond to their location. The presence is within 108 cities/towns in South Africa.

Blue Hawk Tactical has outlined a roll out plan for its existing client base from the Johannesburg City Deep areas to the East of Ekurhuleni. Various Vumacam poles are earmarked for installation on the perimeter streets of the premises of its shopping centre retail clients, to its mining and industrial clients’ production facilities.

It has strategically placed tactical vehicles within Bedfordview, Germiston, Boksburg, Benoni, Brakpan, Springs and City Deep to focus on protecting clients in the area, tracking and recovering wanted vehicles that may be scouting facilities for potential armed robberies.

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