Business Profile: Blue Hawk Tactical Offers World Class Security

Business Profile Blue Hawk Tactical Offers World Class Security

Blue Hawk Tactical has successfully arrested over 4600 criminals since 2015. They provide proactive protection in Bedfordview as well as Bruma, Springs and Benoni.

Their Crime Intervention Units (CIU) have anti-poaching and military training. This means CIU members are trained to clear a house, hunt for criminals on a mountainside behind homes or jump walls to get to families and ensure their safety.

‘Blue Hawk Tactical focuses on providing proactive security solutions, giving our clients peace of mind. In Bedfordview, Bruma and surrounding suburbs, we monitor the streets using our Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) and live view cameras, which make use of Vumacam intelligence on wanted or flagged vehicles. We also have a mobile LPR camera mounted on our tactical vehicle. The overall solution allows our teams to catch the most wanted vehicles in the area since October 2020,’ said Nic Rossouw, Operations Manager. ‘With the assistance of law enforcement, we have stopped and arrested over 65 criminals since we started servicing Bruma and Bedfordview and we intend to enhance that trend with the addition of our fourth vehicle in the area. We expect to add another two more tactical vehicles in the near future as sign-ups continue.’

Fast response time 

Their response units achieve the fastest arrival time when responding to alarms or community alerts, even for parties who are not clients. They pride themselves in being first on the scene for more than 95% of the incidents or alerts received via the local Community Policing Forum (CPF) or community groups within the Cleveland district and have recently started focusing on Bedfordview and surrounds. Their response time performance is on average three minutes or less when an activation goes off or from a community alert being received.

Smart app and alarm

Clients can download the Blue Hawk 911 Emergency app from the Apple or Play Store, link up their alarm system, control all zones and manage their entire alarm system remotely. The latest technology is combined with hardware, beams and monitoring services and includes Armed Response, Medical Response and Control Room Support.

Rossouw’s top safety tips for the community:

– Make sure you have a functional alarm system with an electric fence linked to your security company. This allows an early warning system if your fence is breached so your security company can arrive quickly, deal with the criminals and secure your home and family.
– Install beams in your garden and arm them at night (or during the day) on a Stay Function linked to your alarm system. Again, this allows early warning for your security company to arrive on scene and deal with the criminals.
– Make sure your perimeter is checked regularly for breaches or breaks. Criminals may try weaken your security (like tampering with a beam or your gate motor) and follow up with a home invasion or attempted robbery a few days later.
– It is important to give intelligence to your security company so they can respond before an incident takes place.

‘Blue Hawk Tactical has a ‘no-nonsense’ approach to criminals. We focus on providing a premium protection VIP service to all clients, compared to any other security company. Our military training, and ‘crime-combat’ experience allows us to offer a solution unmatched by others. We are passionate and driven. Our members train against heavily armed criminals and syndicates and we take pride in bringing safety and justice to our suburb. This is our community and we are here to clean up the streets – one criminal at a time.’

Blue Hawk Tactical can be contacted for a free security assessment.

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