Schools Celebrate Matric Results Success

Holy Rosary, Reddam House and St Benedict’s College are proud of their matrics’ stellar results, especially given that 2020 was an exceptionally challenging year. 

Holy Rosary

Kenda Knowles, Marketing Manager at Holy Rosary High School said, ‘Our school is extremely proud of every one of our matrics of 2020. Their perseverance, hard work and resilience throughout a year that presented the whole world with a unique set of challenges is an inspiration to us all. They achieved a 100% pass rate, 151 distinctions, and for most of our matrics, their results were personal bests.’

‘Our top academics achieved full houses: Kristen Loo, Simone de Castro and Vicky Chen achieved eight distinctions while Courtney Laros, Daniella Johnston and Ashleigh Stock achieved seven. Over and above this, our girls were amongst the top IEB candidates throughout the country. Loo, de Castro and Laros are in the IEB Outstanding Achievement cohort, being in the top 5% of IEB matrics in six or more of their subjects. Loo, de Castro, Laros and Tyla Bibis made it into the top 1% of all IEB candidates in 5, 2 and 1 subjects respectively,’ she added. 

Reddam House

‘We are exceptionally proud of what our 2020 matriculants and their teachers achieved despite some unprecedented conditions. They all showed incredible tenacity and resilience to overcome a difficult year,’ said Reddam House College Principal Stephen Hazley. ‘Despite all the challenges and changes, our students delivered above average results across the board. Each one showed determination and rolled with the punches. Together with an incredible group of teachers and mentors, they overcame obstacles to ensure their school careers ended on a high note.

‘It is always so exciting to find out how our matrics fared in the NSC exams, but this year there was a little more anticipation as we waited for their results. I was overjoyed when the results came out – what an extraordinary group of people our students and teachers are, having pioneered their way as the first ever group to conquer writing matric during a global pandemic. I am extremely proud to see these young people leave our school well-rounded, confident and ready to make their mark on the world. Thank you to all the staff, parents and students for another successful year of academic results against all odds.’

St Benedict’s College

Despite the challenges of Covid-19, this year marks the 46th consecutive year of achieving a 100% matric exam pass rate. The St Benedict’s Class of 2020 produced an impressive set of results. Two St Benedict’s boys achieved averages over 90% and eight boys are among the country’s highest achievers in particular subjects. This is a distinction ratio of two per student and a 97.27% bachelor degree pass rate.

Commenting on the results, College Headmaster, David Jeffrey, said, ‘This is a solid set of results and the culmination of years of hard work. As if prophetic, ‘Young man I say to you arise’ was our school’s theme in 2020, and this is exactly what was asked of this group of matriculants. In our school’s history, no other group of students has completed their high school career during a global pandemic. There were no signposts to success and at times the challenges to be overcome felt insurmountable. But the class of 2020 showed incredible determination and their resilience is reflected in the marks they have produced.’