Morninghill Clean Up Group Making A Difference

Bedfordview Residents Making A Difference
Lizwe Ncube and his workforce.

Residents are making a difference to the Morninghill Common and surrounding areas. For example, Lizwe Ncube and his workforce have been cleaning up the Morninghill park, cutting grass, raking and tidying up. He brought in a dustbin truck to remove plastic bin bags that the municipality hadn’t removed in ages –  all from his own pocket. 

Another person who deserves praise is Morninghill resident Christine Heeb. She has been spearheading small, informal clean-ups of the park and river banks for a while now, and things are gaining traction.

Christine Heeb.

Brian Gallagher, a Bedfordview resident who walks his Yorkshire terriers on the Common, is responsible for about 30 young trees (plus the mini-orchard at the Gillooly’s border that has pomegranates). This came from his own pocket. Pat Perry is another long-time Common crusader, and has been seen buried in grass-cuttings along the river – doing her bit to clean up. 

If you want to make a difference, you can join Heeb’s weekly clean-ups every Saturday from 3pm until 4 or 5pm (meet at the sub-station on Malan Avenue).

Bedfordview Residents Making A Difference 1

You can also donate to her newly set-up Eco Fund (which goes towards providing employment for trash collection, refreshments for Ncube’s hard-working troops and more). There is a lot more that needs to be done, like removing invasive plants, installing owl boxes and setting up a proper litter trap. No amount is too small.

You can donate to: Eco Fund Capitec
Acc. No: 1730624020
Eastgate branch (but universal code).

Article source: Morninghill Community clean up group Facebook page.