Paediatric Centre In Bedford Gardens Launches SA’s First Parent-Centred, Paediatrician-Led Podcast

The Paediatric Centre in Life Bedford Gardens Hospital is very excited to announce the launch of South Africa’s first parent-centred, Paediatrician-led Podcast covering everything from newborn to adolescent health, illness and everything in-between. Two Paeds in a Podcast is hosted by Dr Simon Strachan and Dr Michael Platten.

The first few episodes will touch on fevers and then will progress to a host of other relevant topics. The paediatricians are looking to do an allergy series; infection series dealing with viruses and bacteria in different systems of the body as well as a series on newborn babies, including what to expect and prepare for before they are born and what to do afterwards.

Dr Strachan said the aim of the podcasts is to: ‘Walk listeners through issues we deal with on a daily basis and things that are really important as a parent, or things you might find scary as a parent. We have put together a few ideas and conversations that will benefit parents with basic and practical advice on day-to-day issues.’ This will also include, for example, guidance on what children’s medication to have in the home.

Dr Platten said, ‘We are doing the podcasts to demystify children and help parents identify what is ‘normal’ and what to do when something is not normal – helping parents to know when to call it and say ‘I need extra help’. Join us on our trip through the playground of childhood as we explore life.’

The podcasts will be released weekly from August. Users can stream the podcast for free here or through platforms such as: Apple PodcastsSpotify and Google Podcasts. They also have a Facebook page.

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