Rocco Deli Offers Authentic Italian Ingredients

Rocco is a new Italian deli located at the Italian Club Johannesburg and sells mostly imported Italian food items. The deli, which also delivers, serves delicious paninis and coffee.

They sell pasta, pasta sauces, rice, polenta, oils, jams, honey, spices and more. Rocco owner Eliseo Ceresa believes that the relationship between Italians and food is a great love affair. ‘They exchange recipes, restaurant recommendations, and stories about the best wines they’ve tasted at the table with friends. Let us help you by supplying you with some of the best authentic Italian ingredients.’

Luigi Stessenini, manager at Rocco, said, ‘We have had great support from people who are walking past on their way to enjoy the food at the Italian restaurant and who want to then buy some take-aways from us to try their own Italian recipes.’

+27 (0) 66 433 4312