Senderwood Committee Contribution For Park Security And Community Improvement

Several residents have expressed concerns about their safety while using the park. In order to address these concerns, the Senderwood, St Andrews and Bedford Park Ratepayer’s Association (SSB-RA) committee would like to have a guard at the park during opening times. This will require financial support from residents.

Furthermore, the committee has numerous plans to improve the quality of life in the area. But again, they need a steady income stream. All it will take is a contribution of R100 (or more if you can – it will be truly appreciated) per household per month.

You can set up a monthly payment through your banking portal of R100 per month to:

Bank: Standard Bank
Bedford Centre
Account number: 10119395426
For reference use your surname and address.

In addition, the committee will offer each household that commits to the monthly contribution two shopping cards that can be used for cashback and shopping points. This card will be affiliated to popular shops, merchants and service providers across the country. The idea would be that stores and professionals in the SSB area join this programme and give the opportunity to all residents to support local businesses.

The campaign is called ‘Shop Senderwood’. The aim is that the SSB-RA will also receive a small fee every time people use the shopping card (which will be further used for the upkeep of the area). The committee welcomes thoughts and ideas. Contact them for any further information should you wish to help or collaborate.

SSB-RA Committee