Taking Care Of Your Body While Working From Home

Working from home can leave your eyes feeling fatigued and you suffering from frequent headaches, wrists, neck and shoulder pain and more. Physiotherapy Bedfordview gives you tips on how to avoid these problems and keep your body healthy while working from home.


When you stare at the glare of a computer screen for too long, you are making your eyes work harder. This habit can lead to digital eye strain that is characterised by headaches, blurred vision, dry eyes and neck and shoulder pain. Eye strain is also common for those who don’t take breaks from the computer screen.

1. Use proper lighting.
2. Minimise glare.
3. Upgrade your display.
4. Adjust your computer display settings.
5. Blink more often.
6. Exercise your eyes.
7. Take frequent breaks.
8. Modify your workstation.
9. Consider computer glasses.
10. Get a comprehensive eye exam.


If your hands and wrists are straining and are not in a neutral position, that puts more strain on the tendons that go through a structure in your wrist called the carpal tunnel. When those tendons become inflamed, they put pressure on the median nerve, which causes carpal tunnel syndrome.

Solution: keep your wrists flat and straight while working.

Neck and shoulders

If your neck and shoulders are sending you warning pangs, your posture and the way you are looking at your work/computer may be the culprit.

Solution: evaluate your work station to isolate what is causing your neck and shoulders to feel off. Make sure your shoulders are in a relaxed position when you work.


Leaning forward to type, for example, puts a strain on your lumbar region, which can lead to back injuries. If you lean forward, you increase the compression on those vertebrae. You increase it up to 200% compared to if you can sit back in a relaxed position.

Solution: make sure your back is supported and not being strained. 

Tight hips

Your back is actually supposed to recline 15 to 20 degrees to keep your hips open, not be ramrod straight. When you’re sitting at 90 degrees, your hip flexors get super tight because they are kind of squished, so when you get up out of your chair, if you have not stood up in a while, it feels like you are 100 years old.

Solution: recline your seat if your chair is adjustable, and if not, get up frequently. Try using a standing desk if you can.

Cramping legs

Leg cramps are a sign of poor circulation, and the ache is your body telling you that you are not working with good posture.

Solution: promote good circulation in your legs by getting up and doing something every hour or so.

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