Tips On Making An Authentic Portuguese Prego Roll

Tony G’s, located in Bedfordview’s Kloof Mall, is renowned for preparing and serving home-made Portuguese food. One of the restaurant’s flagship meals is the good old-fashioned Portuguese Prego roll. Owner Monica Graca gives tips on making a great-tasting dish.   

• A homemade marinade without preservatives will definitely enhance the flavours of the meat. Tony G’s makes its sauces in-house using wine, garlic and bay leaves, to name a few ingredients. However, a marinade is not absolutely necessary to ensure tenderness. As long as it is a quality cut of meat, it will suffice.
• When cooking the meat, Tony G’s recommends the grilling method, much the same method they use for both chicken and beef.
• To prevent the meat from drying out, don’t overcook it. The cooking time is short at 2-3 minutes and medium heat should be used.
• No oils are necessary, but the meat must be fried in garlic or butter.
• Keep the meat thinly-cut to preserve tenderness and for easy eating.
• Portuguese rolls must be used. They must be crusty on the outside, but soft on the inside.
• Chilli is essential, especially peri-peri.
• You can add a fried egg to give the roll more character and extra protein. For a well-rounded meal, hot and salty french fries with tomato sauce can be added.
• Don’t add cheese, lettuce, tomato or garnish, otherwise it is not a proper Prego roll.

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