Simple Homemade Gifts, Decorations And Desserts To Try This Christmas

For many, Christmas involves slaving away in the kitchen preparing meals and cleaning up afterwards, not to mention all the stress about gifts. Why not try making things a little simpler this year? 


Cash Christmas Tree: It might sound tacky, but many people prefer cash as a gift! Fold notes into triangles to form a Christmas tree, place on nice background paper and frame it.

Image source: HGTV handmade.
Image source: HGTV handmade

Dog treat jar: Perfect for dog lovers: fill a jar with dog toys/treats.

Image source: HGTV handmade.

Decorated beverage: Stick some eyes, a nose and antlers onto someone’s favourite beverage.

Image source: Sharon Hodge pinterest page.


Christmas ornaments: Hang ornaments over your blinds.

Image source: Irma I Creative Ideas pinterest page.

Centrepiece: all you need is a wooden crate (or any container will do), some candles, pinecones and any plants of your choice – even succulents would work.

Image source: ZAPideas pinterest page.

Wall light tree: This is perfect for those who don’t have space for a Christmas tree, and for those who want something easy to set up.

Image source: Erin Fitzgerald pinterest page.


Chocolate Caramel Dessert Cup–QY8Qs

Oreo Dessert

Chocolate lasagne

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