St Benedict’s Maintains 100% Pass Rate For 48th Consecutive Year

St Benedict’s Maintains 100% Pass Rate For 48th Consecutive Year
St. Benedict's top 5 students.

Some highlights of the St Benedict’s matric results include: 12 students ranked in the top 1% nationally within a subject; four clinched a pass rate of over 90% and 26 secured a higher than 80% average.

The school’s exceptional academic score card includes 273 distinctions, putting the distinction ratio at 2.42 per pupil. 100% of the learners qualify for tertiary studies. The school also celebrates a Bachelor Degree pass rate of 99.12% and its 100% pass rate has been upheld for an unparalleled 48th consecutive year.

College Head, David Jeffrey said, ‘Historically, St Benedict’s has produced some outstanding matric results and this year is right up there with some of the best. We are really proud of our learners and there is much to celebrate. Many of our boys have attained results that exceeded their own expectations. The boys have produced a stellar set of results and we congratulate the class of 2022 on their excellent achievements. The matric final results are the culmination of 13 years of hard work and they are a nod to both the boys’ unyielding efforts, their parents’ unequivocal support, and the determination of their teachers.’

While every boy is a success story there are a few who really shone in their finals and deserve additional accolades. St Benedict’s top student Danny (Yan Ming) Gao produced a set of results that are unmatched. His 93.57% average is even more awe-inspiring when you consider that he achieved 100% in Maths and notched up a total of 11 distinctions. Gao was just three percent shy of a 12th distinction. His formidable subject line up included: Eng (95), Afrik (90), IT (93), LO (96), LS (90), Maths (100), Sci (91), Music (77), Further Studies Maths – Stats (88), Further Studies Maths – Calc (81) Further Studies English (86) and Mandarin (99). Not just an academic, Gao is also musically talented and has passed his Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) Grade 7 piano exams. The Grade 7 Piano exam is for candidates who have extended their advanced level of playing.

Passionate about actively making a difference in the world – Gao hopes to pursue a career that will help him do just that and his heart is set on studying either medicine or IT this year.

Following closely on his heels was Magna Cum Laude Blazer recipient, Thashil Mistry, who clinched a full house with 10 distinctions to his name. His overall average was an incredible 92.86%. Mistry too had a heavy work load and finished with: Eng (90), Afrik (94), IT (96), LO (95), LS (87), Maths (96), Sci (92), FSM Stats (82), FSM Calc (81) FSE (82). Not just academically proficient, this all-rounder walked away with a string of awards during his final year, including colours for Music, Oratory and he was the debater of the year, among many more accolades.

Both Gao and Mistry feature on the IEB Outstanding Achievers List: Top 5% nationally in six subjects and a distinction in LO. They also both achieved results in the top 1% nationally within a subject.

Of the 113 boys who sat the final exams, 26 bagged an overall average that exceeded 80%. Two learners received eight (8) distinctions across a broad spectrum of subjects, including Keaton Muller (90.86%) and Tiago Matias (89.71%). Seven boys achieved seven (7) distinctions including Yabsira Gebrermichael (89.29%), Turidu Di Bella (89%), Nicholas Mostert (88.43%), Xavier Prospero (88.29%), Nicholas McDonald (87.86%), Joshua Sammons (86.43%) and Chidiebere Umah (86.29%).

The following students achieved results in the Top 1% nationally within a subject: Thashil Mistry (Afrikaans, English, Information Technology, Life Orientation); Yan-Ming (Danny) Gao (English, Life Orientation, Mathematics); Keaton Muller (English, Life Orientation, Mathematics); Yabsira Gebremichael (Business Studies, Life Orientation); Nicholas Mostert (Geography); Chidiebere Umah (Information Technology); David Zhu, Joshua Adank, Tiago Matias, Matteo Perrone and Enrico Vollo (Mathematics); Thando Tshabalala (Life Orientation).

Max Van Niekerk joins Di Bella and Matias on the IEB Commendable Achievers’ List (Top 5% nationally in five subjects and a distinction in LO).

As a school, St Benedict’s is really strong in IT with an average of 83.24% with 18 distinctions from 25 boys. Five students achieved marks in the upper 90s. The same can be said for Dramatic Arts where 22 candidates achieved a subject average of 80,59% with nine distinctions bagged. Jeffrey said, ‘What this demonstrates is that the top achievers at St Benedict’s are diverse in interests and don’t subscribe to a single mould of success. Among them are boys who thrive on the sports field, who excel in arts and culture, and others who have exceptional gifts across different practices. It’s this diversity that makes us strong.’

Proving that leaders can also be top achievers, Head Boy of the school, Thando Tshabalala, achieved four distinctions and an average of 82.86%. At 95% – his Dramatic Arts mark was among the top percentile in the school. The same can be said for his 90% IsiZulu mark, while his 94% for LO put him in the top 1% in the country. During his school career, Tshabalala consistently demonstrated that he was truly deserving of his OMI Scholarship and always went above and beyond in his service to the school. It was fitting that he was awarded the Fr da Sylva Honours trophy for his leadership, loyalty and consistent contribution to St Benedict’s. Tshabalala was also awarded the coveted Magna Cum Laude Blazer. Only three other boys have ever been awarded this unsurpassable honours blazer – an extraordinary award introduced in 2011.

‘It’s hard to believe that the Covid-19 restrictions only fell away in June last year. The impressive results show no signs of the many challenges the students faced in grade 11 and the first half of their grade 12 year,’ said Jeffrey.

‘Our matriculants are now on the cusp of the next chapter of their lives. They will join the other old boys who have passed through the gates of St Benedict’s – among them many notable achievers. Over the years we have produced great sportsmen, advocates, judges, businessmen, entrepreneurs, philanthropists and values-based men and we are confident that we will see great things from these new – old boys. It’s our hope that the Class of 2022 will go on to forge happy and successful lives, while making the world better for their place in it. They have certainly been well equipped to move forward with confidence as they become the trailblazers of South Africa’s future success,’ concluded Jeffrey.