Treating Allergic Reactions During Change Of Season

Liezl Van Tonder, Head Pharmacist at the Pharmacy at Spar in Bedfordview.

Liezl Van Tonder, Head Pharmacist at the Pharmacy at Spar, Bedfordview, states that Johannesburg has a lot of dry and polluted air that is full of dust and pollen – especially in Bedfordview as it has many trees and green areas. 

Symptoms of allergies:

– Dry skin.
– Skin rash.
– Irritated/scratchy red eyes.
– Runny nose.

‘Allergic symptoms normally lead to a secondary infection like flu, where your sinuses are blocked. What we do is treat the symptoms, as there is no cure for allergies. Allergies in babies are difficult to deal with because they do not know that they shouldn’t scratch. Some children scratch and by the time they’re picked up from school, their skin is raw and bleeding,’ said Van Tonder.

Allergy treatments:

– Nasal sprays like seawater variants and decongestants.
– Antihistamine nasal spray.
– Antihistamine syrup for babies.
– Tablets for adults.
– A combination of the syrup and tablets are normally recommended to work for the whole body.
– Increase your zinc intake to boost your immune system.

For skin reactions, there is a locally compounded NO Flare Eczema Cream only sold at Pharmacy at Spar Bedfordview. ‘It took me about two years get the recipe completely right and to compound it,’ said Van Tonder. The cream fights allergies and skin conditions. It consists of all-natural ingredients that calm down and relieve allergic skin, so it helps treat eczema and psoriasis (itchy, dry and flaking skin) because these conditions flare up at this time of year. The cream is great for children that can’t resist scratching. It can be used as a lotion on its own and can be used every day for treating skin conditions as well as preventing them from reoccurring.

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