Virtual Comrades Marathon Being Held At Oriel Park, Bedfordview

On 14 June, South Africans have an opportunity to participate in the ‘Virtual Comrades Marathon’. This virtual event comprises of a 5km 10km, 21km and 90km distance.

FIT2000 Athletics Club is organising the race in Bedfordview, and anyone is welcome to participate. The race has no official starting time, so you can participate in your chosen distance anytime from 6AM for 12 hours until the final cut off at 6PM. All routes are on a 2,3km circuit around Oriel Park, Bedfordview, as per the distances above.

There are two options to participate in the race.
1. Visit and register to enter any distance and qualify for an official Comrades medal. There is a cost involved.
2. You may simply arrive at Oriel Park, Bedfordview, and register at no charge at the FIT2000 Gazebo. When finishing, place your form with an approximate finishing time in the box provided and you will receive a finisher’s certificate by email.  

At least two FIT2000 members, identifiable by Comrades Race numbers, will be attempting to complete 90kms.

Due to Covid-19 level 3 lockdown rules, there will be no official drinks table, so plan your run wisely. Bring sufficient nutrition, water and energy drinks with you. If you are running or walking one of the longer distances, there are tables on the route situated near to the FIT2000 Gazebo where you may leave a drinks box and collect what you need after each 2,3km lap.

Plan ahead so your course covers your nutrition and fluid needs on race day. All participants need to comply with the social distancing and other rules pertaining to Level 3 of the Covid-19 lockdown. This is not an official ‘race’, so there will be no official winners, but all entrants are winners because they will be participating to help others who are hungry and in need.

Oriel Park Comrades route.   

Jennifer Anne Selby one of the Oriel Park race organisers is urging the community to come along, even if they are not participating, to support the Bedfordview Safety Forum food drive. There will be containers for the community to drop off non-perishable items like tinned food, milk, maize, etc. to help feed the hungry. Food donations for animals are also welcome. ‘The need is huge out there, every little bit counts,’ stated Selby.

This DA initiated food drive, in conjunction with the Bedfordview Safety Forum (BSF), Bedfordview Community Policing Forum (BCPF) and the Order of St John, aims to assist destitute families in and around neighbouring areas. There are 60,000 people living in informal settlements and seemingly tranquil suburban homes with little or no food.

With the lockdown extension and level phasing, their circumstances have become desperate and potentially volatile. The goal is to be able to provide a lifeline to people who through no fault of their own are unable to help themselves through this pandemic. The distribution of all collections is done through a centralised point in a strictly controlled and safe environment.

A section 18A tax certificate can be provided for donations.

Should you wish to donate to this worthy cause, use the bank details below:

Bank: Standard Bank
Account name: St. John
Account no: 002900777
Reference: Comrades