Belly Dancing Improves Muscle Strength And Self-Confidence

If you are thinking of taking up a new new hobby or form of exercise, belly dancing is an interesting option. According to Pavia Abrosie, owner and instructor at Bedfordview and Sunninghill based Pavia Abrosie Belly Dance, classes are suitable for any age, size and experience level and it is a dance style that is very welcoming.

Abrosie has been teaching belly dance for the past six years, and her goal is to, through belly dance, ‘bring up a generation of confident, happy, healthy, and self-loving women’.

As a Biokineticist who is currently completing her Masters degree, Abrosie knows first-hand about the benefits of belly dancing for, and its effects on, the body, stating that there is research to prove its benefits. ‘Belly dance is brilliant for the body. The weight bearing aspects of the dance are beneficial for muscle strength and bone density. The precise movements in isolation wake up muscles you forgot you had, and the art form is generally low impact and joint-friendly. Depending on the intensity of the class, there are tremendous cardiovascular benefits too,’ said Abrosie.

Socially, belly dancing provides endless opportunities to meet new and exciting people. ‘Not only do classmates become family, but haflas (an Arabic term for a ‘gathering’ or ‘party’) are held at least once a year where students perform for their friends and families and everyone just has a good time together. At a certain stage, students can also start performing at functions and events. All of these provide for great social outlets,’ she said.

Another benefit is self-confidence. ‘I don’t have one student who can’t vouch for this. If you’re still sceptical, just look up the tons of research studies that prove this wonderful benefit of belly dancing,’ said Abrosie.

Those who are shy do not have to worry about having to wear midriff-bearing outfits in class. Abrosie encourages attire that is comfortable and easy to move in. Gym clothes are usually recommended: leggings, a T-shirt and sneakers. However, anybody is welcome to wear a crop top or a skirt, as long as their movements are not restricted.

Dancing journey

Abrosie started belly dance classes when she was eight years old. She stopped for a few years after that and tried some ballet and modern dancing. ‘As beautiful as those dance styles are in their own ways, I didn’t have your ‘typical’ dancer’s figure and always felt like I didn’t belong. I then knew that belly dancing was where I wanted to be. It was a safe space for me to grow into the person I am today and express myself in a space that I felt comfortable in. Belly dance has presented so many incredible opportunities in my life and introduced me to so many brilliant people. I am so grateful – I can’t quite picture where my life would be today if I hadn’t chosen belly dance all those years ago,’ added Abrosie.

Class details


– Tuesday, 18:30-19:30: beginners (no level of experience needed).
– Wednesday, 19:00-20:00: intermediate (at least 2 years prior belly dancing experience).
Address: 7a Iris Road, Eastgate Lane Office Park, Bedfordview.


– Saturday, 9:00-10:00: beginners (no level of experience needed).
Address: Sunninghill Village Shopping Centre

Pavia Abrosie Belly Dance
082 453 7561