Interval Programme For Runners Following A Break Or Injury

Interval Programme For Runners Following A Break Or Injury

Physiotherapy Bedfordview has suggested three interval training programmes to get runners going from any level. This article focuses on level two and three – returning to running following a minor injury or a break of two weeks or one month or less.

The programmes comes from Blaise Dubois’ ‘The Running Clinic’, an essential guide for every runner. The Running Clinic is an organisation providing continuing education to health professionals that has grown to become a global reference in the prevention of running injuries.

Returning to running following an injury requires a calculated progression. Depending on your condition and symptoms, customise the time taken to complete this programme by repeating training sessions or modifying recovery time between sessions.

Returning to running following a minor injury, an extended break or after an ‘off season’ period requires a calculated progression. Interval Programme 2 may be used when returning from a minor injury that required less than one month of rest. The three week programme will take you through a series of intervals culminating in a full-on 30 minute run. it includes five sessions per week.

Even high-level athletes, after resting for two weeks or more, will have to resume training gradually using a programme like Interval Programme 3. This short and intense two week programme is designed for active runners, with seven sessions per week (including a few rest days). Download the programme here.

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