Virtually Join The Still Mind Weekly Meditation Every Wednesday

Join The Still Mind Weekly Meditation

Shanthi Sanctuary is hosting free weekly meditations. Virtually join Tony Lopes every Wednesday evening from 6.15pm to 7.15pm in a safe and peaceful environment and learn to still your mind.

According to Shanthi Sanctuary, the mind is not going to stop thinking. The goal of mindfulness is not to suppress thinking, but to surpass it. The key is how you react to your thoughts. If you focus on your thinking, your mind is like a whirlwind with thoughts blowing everywhere.

When you focus on your breathing or your body, however, thoughts can come and go like clouds across a sky. You can look at them, realise they are just thoughts and let them go. Being mindful means being present. Once you are present and centred, your mind will naturally quieten down.

There is no charge, and booking is not essential. View more information about the event here.

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