Itemba Soup Kitchen Receives Food And Toiletry Donations

Ithemba Soup Kitchen team.

7 August 2020 marked the first time since lockdown commenced in March that almost all the Itemba Soup Kitchen helpers came together at the N.G Church in Primrose East to prepare their donated vegetable combinations for their freezer.

On 6 August, the soup kitchen received 14 bags of sweet potatoes and mayonnaise. The mayonnaise was divided into containers to add to food parcels. The kitchen gave away six packets to some of the families and the balance was donated to an informal settlement in Boksburg. The kitchen thanked Annamaria Lechki from RySky Foundation and other donors. 

Miss Deaf South Africa 2020 finalist Suvana Majiare helped pack the vegetables as well. The kitchen serves soup to an average of 130-150 people per day.


Suvana Majiare, Miss Deaf South Africa 2020 finalist.

The soup kitchen also received a donation from Balwin Properties. ‘Its always so amazing that whatever we need, we are blessed with. We were running a bit short on toilet paper to add to the toiletries packed with the food parcels and this is what we received,’ stated the organisation.

The soup kitchen gave an update on three ladies that have become regulars there. Two are expecting babies and should deliver in the next one to two months. The first baby that was due to arrive in September was recently born. The mother and baby girl are doing well. 

‘Covid happened and now they are unemployed and living on UIF or grants. Retrenchments and unemployment have happened to so many people in the last couple of months and when you have nothing left to sell, you turn to charity organisations and pray for a miracle. If you have any baby clothes, bottles, nappies etc. please donate it to us so that we can help the mother and mothers-to-be,’ stated the organisation. 

On behalf of the soup kitchen, Jenny Schneigansz thanks all the donors for their continued support. The soup kitchen would appreciate canned food and used clothing items. To donate, contact Schneigansz at +27 (0) 83 273 0824 or drop off your donation items at the N.G. Church in Primrose East on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays between 8am-10am.