Printing SA Calls On Applicants For Foundational Learning Programme

Printing SA has embarked on a new skills pool strategy to provide the industry with talented individuals who are eager to take up career opportunities in the printing, packaging and signage industry. These individuals will have graduated from the new Foundational Learning Programme (FLP). Printing SA will be running this programme again this year thanks to the discretionary grant funding received from the FP&M SETA.

Printing SA is looking for 20 individuals to undergo a talent selection process in order to meet the minimum requirements to qualify for the FLP course. Regional chambers will be conducting talent selections, which include: psychometric assessment; colour vision assessment; criminal checks and personal interviews. Enrolment takes place on Friday, 14 February.

These individuals will get: a six month fully paid course; weekly transport stipend; six month paid internship – should they be successful in completing the course, and they will gain experience in the printing, packaging and signage industry. Applicants who are eligible to apply: school leavers; unemployed individuals and those wanting to gain experience in the industry. The course start date is Monday, 2 March, 2020.

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