Residents Invited To Meet The Better Bedfordview Team And Win Prizes

Residents Invited To Meet The Better Bedfordview Team And Win Prizes

Better Bedfordview will have a stand in the Pick ‘n Pay Court, generously sponsored by Bedford Centre, RAG and Better Bedfordview chairperson Marina Constas has announced. She appealed to all residents to come and meet the team, get all the information they need about Better Bedfordview, and join the initiative.

Residents are invited to meet the Better Bedfordview team and find out more about this important community clean-up initiative at an information day on Saturday, 5 March 2022, at Bedford Centre. There will also be competitions and prizes to be won.

‘Better Bedfordview was started by Residents Action Group (RAG) because we were tired of the failure by the municipality to do the required cleaning and maintenance. Better Bedfordview is a non-political, not-for-profit civil society organisation, with a chairperson and a steering committee serving on a voluntary basis for the support and benefit of all residents and ratepayers in Bedfordview,’ she explained.

‘With funding and support from residents and businesses, Better Bedfordview employs a team of previously unemployed men who sweep streets, tidy, pick up litter, weed, cut grass, paint, pave and plant. We want to grow this initiative and do more; but we need more support and funding to do so,’ Constas said.

She has urged all residents to join Better Bedfordview. ‘Sign up now if you want a safe, clean, green and beautiful Bedfordview to benefit all; if you want to protect and grow your property values; and if you want to be part of a collaborative community initiative that gives residents and ratepayers a powerful united voice and platform through which to access information and to raise and address all issues concerning our suburb.’

Speed bump painting.

Constas stressed that the Better Bedfordview initiative is not a substitute for efficient service delivery from Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality. ‘Our goal is to be a liaison between community members, businesses and the municipality. The more members and support that Better Bedfordview has, the more we will be able to use our collective influence to effect change and help to ensure the effective, efficient use of our rates and taxes.’

Better Bedfordview will be in the Pick ‘n Pay Court at Bedford Centre from 09:00 until 16:00 on Saturday, 5 March 2022.

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