Bedfordview Community Crusader: ‘We Live In A Suburb Of Heroes’

Bedfordview Community Crusader
BCPF patroller Daniel Perry.

Daniel Perry, a Bedfordview Community Police Forum (BCPF) patroller, was inspired to get involved with the BCPF after tiring of the negative attitude surrounding the security and high crime in the suburb, which he has lived in since birth. He decided to become part of the positive force effecting change in the community. 

What has been your greatest achievement as a BCPF patroller?

Assisting the elderly during the water shortage in Bedfordview by carrying water to their homes from the tankers provided. The younger generation have a duty to help elderly members of the community as they have paid their dues.

Another was getting a call from a resident who had three men break into her home. She had locked herself and her staff in a room while the men were robbing her house. I arrived and set up a perimeter with Residents Action Group (RAG’s) reaction officers, contained the suspects in the property, then entered and cleared the house, arresting all three without any injuries to all parties concerned. That was a fantastic result.

What advice do you have for people to get more involved in the community?

Volunteer your time to work as a patroller, as support personnel or join Better Bedfordview through RAG and help clean pavements or simply sponsor one of the many fantastic community programmes. Even if it is R10 a month, it makes a difference where it is needed the most.

What lessons have you learnt during your time at BCPF? 

There are many dedicated and selfless residents in our village that give up their personal time and money to make a change for everyone. They do not ask for accolades or recognition, they do it for the community at large and to make a difference every day. We live in a suburb of heroes – none of which wear capes.