Video: Keeping Warm In Winter With Pilates Series – Episode One

According to Olga Rosenberg of Olinia Pilates: ‘When it’s cold I want to wear layer upon layer to generate warmth for my body and I fold my arms to protect myself from the wind. In doing so, I feel that I have closed the front of my body in an attempt to shield my torso and it seems I am shorter and I have lost the sense of being open and long in my back.’ So how can you remind your body to still remain long and wide?

The exercise shown in the video below will help the back muscles to wake up as well as the muscles in the legs, and these big muscles will generate heat to keep your body warm. A wall in front of you will assist in maintaining an upright and elongated back, while the arms placed behind the head keep the back switched on.

– Keep the knees moving away from one another as you move down and up.
– Think about your head, ribcage and pelvis moving together as a whole.

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